Social Networking: Specific Media Strategies

Resources listed here go into details about strategies nonprofits can use to build and enhance strategies for using the more popular social networking tools.


Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes
The essence of this blog is that listening is a specific skill that needs to be developed for social networking. This article offers some tools to enhance an organization's ability to listen.


Best Practices for Facebook Fan Pages
This article examines how fan pages on Facebook can be used to market an organization.

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages
This blog explains the difference between Facebook groups and fan pages, similar ways for organizations to network on Facebook.

Fan Page Fundamentals
This blog covers some basics about using a Facebook fan page. It includes links to other useful sources.

Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations
This page also looks at Facebook fan pages but goes into more detail and explains additional strategies organizations can use to build a presence on Facebook.


Why Should I Use Twitter? (Part 2)
This blog summarizes the answers provided by readers to the question "Why Should I Use Twitter" (which was asked in part 1).

What the Heck Are We Doing on Twitter?

This blog provides an overview of why an organization would want to use Twitter and some basic ideas of what an organization should consider when getting started. The audience is corporate readers.

Nonprofits That Tweet: Roundup of Lists, Resources, and Examples
This blog provides connections to major nonprofits that use Twitter (e.g., Brooklyn Museum, Chronicle of Philanthropy). It includes links to these nonprofits.

How I Use Twitter / Microblogs
This blog provides additional links to organzations that use Twitter and support nonprofits, as well as some tips on leveraging Twitter (or other tools that use extremely short passages for connecting with others -- microblogs) to communicate with stakeholders.

Twitter for Cause Marketers
This blog provides some specific advice on strategies that can be used with Twitter.


Five Things to Do on LinkedIn
A blog that describes some tips for basic networking that can be done via LinkedIn.

Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn
A reprint of an older blog -- but still relevant -- about using Twitter, by Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist at Apple.


10 YouTube Tips to Spice Up Your Video
This blog offers tips for designing, developing, and deploying videos for YouTube.

Non-profit Programme
YouTube has a channel specifically for nonprofits. This page explains the program and how to join.