Social Networking: Beyond the Basics

Resources listed here provide information that goes beyond the basic what and why of social networking for nonprofits. These resources are directed more toward people with an intermediate level of knowledge about social networking and want to advance their networking/media strategies.


The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide
This downloadable report describes how social media and networking strategy would work for your organization.

The 2011 CMO's Guide to the Social Landscape
A downloadable chart that encapsulates the most popular social media and how likely they are to impact an organization's marketing. provides news and information to support nonprofits' efforts at using social tools.

We Are Media Project
We Are Media is an online community that includes extensive instruction on how nonprofits can benefit from Web 2.0 media (which mostly includes social media). The site is in wiki format.

Social Networking for Nonprofits
A live presentation in podcast format (a downloadable sound file) that presents some best practices about social networking for nonprofits.

20 Free eBooks About Social Media
Links to free ebooks that delve into various topics related to social networking and media.

Social Networking Organizational Policy

Best Practices for Developing & Implementing a Social Media Policy

Downloadable document (PDF) that provides tips, based on research, for creating organizational policy on social networking.

Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit
This blog highlights basic guidelines for understanding social networking policies for nonprofits that need to be considered, what should be considered, and how policies can be developed.

Best Practices for Developing a Social Media Policy
More about how to develop policies for nonprofit social networking

Sample Nonprofit Policy on Social Networking
A generic, sample policy that can be adapted to a nonprofit's social networking strategies.

Tutorials and Lessons

Leveraging Web 2.0 and Social Networking for Nonprofits
This page provides a portal for learning the basics of social networking and social media. Topics include definitions, reasons for using social media, the basic tools, resources to assist you, and issues.

Social Media 101 Series
Mashable is a website that provides news about digital technology, culture, and social media, containing a specific, and large, thread on social media in general. This link provides a jumping off place for basics of social media, focusing on specific topics of interest, such as marketing with Facebook and YouTube.

Tutorials on social media
Socialbrite is a site that focuses on helping nonprofits use social tools. This link is a portal to a large number of tutorials that address varying levels of expertise in social media tools. Topics are arranged by media type (blogs, Facebook, Twitter).